Experienced Electrician in Montrose, CO

You can count on a skilled Montrose, CO, electrician to take care of all your electrical needs. When you need a professional's help, come to San Juan Electric Inc.

We are trained to complete repairs few homeowners are qualified to do. If you are worried about the dangers of dealing with electricity on your own, or want to avoid damaging your property, it's best to leave the job to our capable team. Whether you need minor repairs, installations, or replacement products, we are here for you.

Our team can do the following, to name a few common services:

  • Repair broken outlets
  • Install ceiling fans
  • Rewire older homes

We can even install new light fixtures if you are ready for a change in your home. Whether you want to update your older property with new wiring and additional outlets, or simply want to give your home a different look with improved lighting, our team is happy to help.

We are available seven days a week, and we will respond promptly to your needs when you call for an appointment. You deserve to receive high quality results when you hire an experienced Montrose, CO, electrician. That's what you will get when you come to San Juan Electric Inc for assistance, so please call today.